MILESAGO Reader Commentary by Kenneth Lyons

"You" by Marcia Hines
(b-side of the "Fire and Rain" single, Wizard Records, May 1975)

The song "You" that backs the 7" of "Fire and Rain" is not the same track as her single You, written by Robie Porter and released in 1977. It's a completely different song. It's Marcia's treatment of a Bill Withers track -- and it cooks! Marcia and the band rock this out sensationally. I was told that Baxter Funt backed her on this recording. I'm not sure but I wouldn't be surprised as I recall watching an episode of "Radio with Pictures" (ABC) as a teen and being blown away by the performance Marcia gave with Baxter Funt as her backing band. Baxter Funt also crop up backing Reg Livermore on Betty Blockbuster Follies and with Jeannie Lewis.

The track is not on any of her album releases but is one of my all time favourite Marcia outings! I have four copies of this single in varying degrees of condition. I love this track that much! The first album, Marcia Shines, once seen in remainder bins going for a *song* is now quite a collectible in some DJ circles particularly for the track "You Gotta Let Go". Likewise, the 7" of "Fire and Rain", because of this track, "You", on the b-side. Marcia at her wildest...and I mean....wiillldd. She's never gotten this *edgy* on any recordings since.

For those who have the 7" of "Fire and Rain" lurking in their collection ... dig it out ... flip to the B-side and dig! You won't be sorry ... oh ... and the voice ... what a voice. Some of my favourite moments of Jim Keays' The Boy From the Stars are Marcia Hines' backing vocals. Wonderful stuff.

Ken Lyons, 30 March 2003