Melbourne 1965-66

The Jackson Kings kick out the jams at Melbourne's Thumpin' Tum disco, 1966

Carl Bennett (vocals)
Chas Brown (guitar)
Brian Cadd (keyboards, vocals)
Ronnie Charles (lead vocals)
Neville Ray (bass)
Bill Turgeon (drums)


The Jackson Kings were a popular Melbourne R'n'B band who played mostly cover versions. They recorded only two Singles and would probably be one of the footnotes of Oz Rock History except that two of their members, singer Ronnie Charles and organist Brian Cadd, went on to considerable subsequent success.

Cadd's previous group The Castaways (1965), which did not record, was shortlived and it evolved into The Jackson Kings sometime in 1965. They gigged around Melbourne and at one point scored a residency at Melbourne’s premier blues/rock haunt Garrison.

The Jackson Kings split in mid-1966 when Cadd and Charles were recruited to join the new lineup of fellow CBS recording outfit The Groop in late-1966.

The Groop had just suffered a series of defections -- vocalist Peter McKeddie and manager Tony Dickstein quit and left for England in August 1966, followed soon after by the abrupt resignation of guitarist Peter Bruce. With The Groop in disarray, the rhythm section of Max Ross and Richard Wright set about re-building, first recruiting multi-talented guitarist-composer Don Mudie.

Next they approached Jackson Kings' keyboard player Brian Cadd. He had one condition -- he didn't want to desert singer Ronnie Charles and insisted that Ronnie join too. The Groop didn't especially want Ronnie, but they definitely wanted Brian, and so reluctantly agreed to the condition. Of course, as it turned out, this lineup change led to the new version of The Groop becoming one of the most popular acts in the country over the next two years.



"Watch your step / Come on now (CBS BA 221263)

1966 Watermelon man / Lawdy Miss Clawdy (CBS BA 22187)

Watch Your Step was re-released on the Raven compilation Ugly Things, Vol. 1 and on the LP Before Birdmen Flew #1.


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