Melbourne, 1972-75

Bonnie Lever (vocals)
Greg Cook (guitar, organ)
Mike Clarke (bass, guitar)
Sunil De Silva (percussion)
Geoff Skewes (keyboards)
Trevor Courtney (drums)


Skylight formed from the ashes of popular Sixties soul-rock band The Vibrants, which formed in Adelaide in 1965 and broke up at the end of 1971. The group was put together by keyboardist Geoff Skewes, who played in The Vibrants throughout their career, and Trevor Courtney (ex-Chants R&B, Cam-Pact), who was the drummer in the final 1971 Vibrants lineup. Joining them were Bonnie Lever (vocals), Greg Cook (guitar, organ; ex-Cam-Pact, Mixtures), Mike Clarke (bass, guitar) and the renowned Sunil De Silva.

Skylight continued The Vibrants' soul direction, albeit with a stronger '70s rock feel. They were signed by EMI in 1973. They recorded one album, Skyhigh, which grazed the bottom end of the album charts (#91) and the singles "Get It Happening" / "Skyhigh" (June 1974) and "Too Many People" / "Give Me Your Love" (September). On 3 August 1974 they performed at the first Reefer Cabaret show at the Dallas Brooks Hall with The Dingoes, Wind and Skyhooks.

Skylight broke up in 1975. Geoff Skewes went on to become the manager of late 70s country rock group Stars. Trevor Courtney later worked with Stylus. Sunil De Silva is regarded as Australia's foremost Latin percussionist and has played with just about everbody who is anybody in music, including Bryan Ferry, Jose Feliciano, Prince, Bob Marley, Paul McCartney, Tears For Fears INXS, Michael Hutchence, Midnight Oil, Peter Allen, John Denver, Germaine Jackson, The Doug Williams Band, The Church, Died Pretty, Louis Tillet, James Morrison, Jim Kelly, Jenny Morris, Gary Shearston, Margot Smith, The New Christs, Robyne Dunn, Penny Flanagan, Michael Franti, Kevin Johnson, Chris Lloyds, The Party Boys, Jon English, Ghostwriters, Jeff Duff, Renee Geyer, Marcia Hines, Tommy Emmanuel and Wendy Matthews. He has also contributed to movie soundtracks including Crocodile Dundee, Strictly Ballroom, Young Einstein and Dark City and on the soundtracks for many Australian TV programs including Grass Roots.



June 1974
"Skyhigh" / "Get It Happening" (EMI 10499)

Sept. 1974
"Too Many People" / "Give Me Your Love" (EMI 10611)


Skyhigh (EMI EMA 302)

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