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Paul Culnane

"Please allow me to introduce myself..."

Okay, well, after reading this, you may indeed have some "sympathy for the devil", but let's not worry about that just now. Suffice it to say that I'm just a guy who loves music - lives it, breathes it, eats it in my wet-dreams... possibly just like you, if you've surfed this far!

I met my good friend Duncan Kimball, who created this wonderful Milesago website, through a mutual interest in that most indescribably great English band, XTC - we got to know each other through that group's Internet mailing list, known as Chalkhills. One thing led to another, and I first had the pleasure of having Dunks as a guest in my funky Canberra house around Christmas '98. He scanned my vast CD and vinyl record collection - I think he marvelled at it - and turned to me to remark, "well, Paul, I think our tastes are pretty congruent". Congruent! What a term to select! For it has certainly turned out to be more than so...

"A decidedly hungover Paul, at right, proudly displays some of his XTC treasures with another avid XTC fan (and another "congruent" collector), Dominic VanAbbe, left, in Paul’s home"

And so it came to pass that Dunks invited me to contribute some pieces for his website, and I eagerly took up his offer. We both discovered a mutual affection for music from one of Australia's 'goldenest' of eras, roughly the mid-60s to the mid 70s - and a shared enthusiasm for bands of the time, like Spectrum, Ariel, Tamam Shud, The Easybeats, The Twilights, The Masters Apprentices and Company Caine (among so many others); well, "how could we go wrong with such a straight song"? And after all, we both perceived a distinct lack of adequate resource material on the Net relating to the music of that period, and Milesago represents Dunks’ and my headlong plunge into a kinda ‘cyber-redress’of that symptom.... "symptoms of ch-ch-ch-ch-change!"

My contributions to Milesago are numerous, and I'd like to think I know what the dickens I'm talking about! I was there! But as a writer of these things, perhaps I'd better establish my credentials, such as they are. So here goes, in point form:

To suggest that my endeavours over the years, as with my contributions to Milesago now, represent a "non-profit" ethic is tantamount to laughable! NOTHING that I have ever done relating to music has ever yielded me financial gain. And I don't expect it ever will. I do all this out of the pure love for this wonderful music that you and I can share!!! ..."someday I’ll have money - money isn’t easy come by; by the time it comes by I’ll Be Gone"

So, all I can say now is "Hi, here's me, p@ul", and I sincerely hope that you as visitors to Milesago might enjoy my contributions to the site as well as everything else that Dunks has on offer, and we'd both welcome your feedback. My email address is ~ I'd love to hear from you!I'd like to thank many people, but right here, right now, I must acknowledge both Duncan Kimball and Dominic VanAbbe for their friendship, inspiration, encouragement and support, above and beyond. They are both lovely blokes and, by gum, they sure know what Rock & Roll is all about!!!!!

I really hope you enjoy this journey! ...dig the music!

~ p@ul culnane. canberra. australia. 1999

"Hi ho, hi ho, we're off to Milesago"