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Ellis D. Fogg

Working under the punning pseudonym of Ellis D. Fogg, Sydney-based "lumino-kinetic artist" and lighting designer Roger Foley ran one of the best known light-shows of the late 60s and 70s.

Roger studied at the University of NSW, where he came into contact with the pioneering UBU lightshow, and his background was in theatrical lighting. The Ellis D. Fogg company began operating in 1967, providing special light shows for concerts, dances, discotheques and university balls, overseas tours, conventions and special events. Before long, Mr Fogg's legendary show was a feature in its own right, getting its own billing in gig advertisements and on posters.

Mr Fogg's equipment included all the sought-after lighting paraphernalia of the time -- strobes, liquid slide projection, colour-organs and the legendary 'Fogg Machine', a high-volume smoke machine of his own design. Later innovations included lasers and computer-controlled lighting systems. Not everyone was a fan however - according to Go-Set, Collaroy police banned the Fogg light-show from a local disco in 1969, claiming it would lead to "immorality"!

Mr Fogg has created, collaborated and participated in many notable multimedia events over the years, inlcuding the famous multimedia display in the Australian pavilion at Expo '67 in Toronto. Other works include "Laser Wars" in 1978 with textile artist Katie Pye at the Kirk Gallery, and in recent years he has promoted a series of performance/multimedia events, such as "Mr Fogg's Floating Music Hall" in March 2001at the Sydney Lower Town Hall. The MC for this event was the late, great great Adrian Rawlins, and sadly it was Adrian's last major public appearance prior to his death in September this year. Mr Fogg's most recent work was the "Garden Of Delight" at Parramatta's historic Lennox Bridge in October 2001.

Ellis D. Fogg is still in business, operating from offices in Wollahra, Sydney, providing innovative architectural and event lighting.

Fogg Productions
118 Queen St
Phone: 02-9328-1666
Mobile: 018-223-142


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Fogg Productions

Mr Fogg's "Garden Of Delight", Parramatta, October 2001