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Adventure Unlimited

DATE: 1965
0-10 Network
Production house
Waratah Productions
GENRE: action-adventure series
DURATION: 10 x 25 min eps
FORMAT: b&w film

PRODUCER: Lee Robinson
Ken Hannam
CINEMATOGRAPHY: Karl Keiser, Ron Taylor

Richard Meikle
Chips Rafferty
Murray Rose


According to Tony Harrison, this pioneering Aussie action adventure TV series was the first locally-made series to use all-Australian cast, crew and locations. An anthology series of adventure stories, each episode was self-contained, with different characters and locations, and was filmed in northern Australia and PNG. It was produced in 1963 but was not shown in Sydney until 1965 and not shown in Melbourne until 1968.

Cameraman Ron Taylor and wife Valerie became famous for their underwater photography; they produced numerous marine nature specials in Australia and later worked on Roger Mirams' Barrier Reef and Steven Spielberg's Jaws. Cast member Murray Rose was a famous Olympic swimming champion.


Tony Harrison
The Australian Film & Television Companion
(Simon and Schuster, 1995)

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