Aunty Jack Rox On
Australian broadcasting Corporation 1973

Genre: Comedy/music special
Duration: 1 x 30 min ep.
Medium: film and videotape, B&W

8/6/73 in Sydney
10/6/73 in Queensland
15/6/73 in Adelaide
18/6/73 in Melbourne


Producer: Maurice Murphy

Grahame Bond
Rory O'Donoghue
Garry McDonald
Sandra McGregor


This one-off comedy special opened with the memorable scene of Aunty Jack riding into the ABC Gore Hill studios escorted by twenty members of the Gypsy Jokers bikie gang on their motorbikes. Included by popular demand were favourite sketches from the series, including the origami rock opera "Tarzan Superape", the Farrelly Brothers' classic performance of I've Been Everywhere, Flange Desire presenting a ballet which annoys Aunty Jack, Neil and Errol singing The Last Refrain, three commercials for fish milkshakes and The Ordinary People.

Of particular interest to Oz music fans is the segment featuring Cool Bananas (actually the group Black Tank) fronted by former Easybeats lead singer Stevie Wright. The band performed four songs, Gypsy, Drug, Hard Road (the title track of Stevie's forthcoming album) and The Other Side.


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Many thanks to Richard Miles!

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