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Walter Brown (left) and Gary Gray and Susan Haworth as they appeared in the series.s

DATE: 1965-66
Pacific Films - Screen Gems - ABC
: action-adventure series
DURATION: 32 x 30 min episodes
FORMAT: 35mm b&w / colour film

PREMIERE: 20 March 1967

PRODUCER: Roger Mirams
DIRECTORS: Joe McCormick, Eddie Davis, David Baker, Rex Lipton
WRITERS: Bill Strutton, David Seidler, William Manville, John Pinkney, Eddie Davis, Robert B. Mansfield, John Sherman, Colin Free, John Warwick, W. H. Manville
MUSIC: Eric Gross
CAMERA: Dennis Frewin
FILM EDITOR: David Tossman (6 eps)

Walter Brown (Captain Dan Wells)
Gary Gray (Mike Wells)
Rodney Pearlman (Noah Wells)
Susan Haworth (Sue Wells)
Leoni Lesinawai (Willyum)

1967 (7" single)
Adventures of the Seaspray (Eric Gross) / ? 
[HMV EA-4816]



 A joint venture between Mirams' Pacific Films and the American Screen Gems company (a division of Columbia Pictures) this series was made with a view to overseas sales. The first dozen or so episodes were shot in b&w but the remainder were filmed in colour. The series was very popular in Australia and was also screened in the USA and Germany. Originally screened at 5:30 pm, Seaspray was part of the ABC's revamped 1967 early evening line-up, alongside the family show Something Else and the American satire F-Troop.

This action-packed adventure series was filmed in exotic locations in Australia, New Guinea, New Caledonia and New Zealand. The story centred on widowed journalist Dan Wells, who sails the Pacific with on his 25-metre schooner Seaspray, with his three children Mike, Noah and Sue, assisted by their Fijian crewman, Williyum (Lesinawai)  who in real life was a police inspector in his native Fiji.



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