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Ron Blackmore, Paul Dainty & David Trew

The Bee Gees
- Barry Gibb
- Robin Gibb
- Maurice Gibb
- Geoff Bridgeford (drums)
plus 16-piece orchestra, Bill Sheppherd, musical director

with Russell Morris, support

Cities, Venues, Dates:
10 July 1971 - Brisbane, Festival Hall?
11 July 1971 - Sydney
12 July 1971 - Canberra, Canberra Theatre?
14 July 1971 - Hobart
15 July 1971 - Melbourne, Festival Hall
16 July 1971 - Adelaide
17 July 1971 - Perth


Ron Blackmore, Paul Dainty & David Trew

Cities, Venues, Dates:
29 January 1972 - Melbourne, Kooyong Tennis Centre
30 January 1972 - Sydney, RAS Showground
1February 1972 - Brisbane, Festival Hall,
3 February 1972 - Adelaide, Memorial Park
4 February 1972 - Perth, Subiaco Oval


1971 TOUR

"On the 9th of July the Bee Gees will arrive in Sydney to commence a one week tour of all capital cities. This is the first time the group as a whole has returned to Australia since they left for England 4½ years ago. Accompanying them on their tour will be ten British musicians and their musical arranger, Australian born, Bill Shepherd. It is believed that the group will be backed by a thirty-piece orchestra."
- Go-Set 19 June 1971

"The Bee Gees were being considered for an Australian tour by several promoters, but all but one backed out because the risk was too high. Now the Bee Gees are here they have packed every concert and brought every audience to their feet for a standing ovation! In Sydney and Canberra the crowds leapt from their seats and yelled for more. Canberrites have rarely been known to show such overwhelming enthusiasm for a visiting act of any sort. In Sydney the applause was deafening almost ten minutes after the Bee Gees had left the theatre and were on their way to their hotel! In Melbourne an extra concert was arranged to cope with the huge demand for tickets and crowd reaction was spectacular."
- Go-Set, 24 July 1971

"The Bee Gees 1971 tour was one of the very few Australian sellout successes."
- Soundblast, January, 1972

The 1971 Melbourne Festival Hall concert was recorded and filmed (in b/w) and part of the closing number, "Spicks and Specks" can be seen in the ABC's Long Way To The Top (2001)


"For the second time within a year the Bee Gees will play to capacity houses throughout their Australian tour. Originally it was planned that there would be only one concert in Melbourne and Brisbane but because both were sold out on the first day of bookings, promoter Paul Dainty decided to include extra concerts in both cities. An amazing effort when you consider that the Bee Gees first tour was only in July last year."
- Go-Set, 5 February 1972

"Once again the Bee Gees will be accompanied by a 16-piece orchestra - a lavish touch no other pop group touring Australia would dare to indulge in. Actually this is quite small stuff for the Bee Gees --on their US tours they usually have used 40 pieces or more!"
- Soundblast, January 1972

"The Bee Gees superbly entertaining stage act was enhanced this trip by the addition of four new songs, but remained basically the same. And by basically the same, I mean once again they were brilliant! The huge crowd (at the Sydney Showground there were 20,000 according to 2SM) and so was their response. It seems that everybody loves the Bee Gees"
- Stephen Maclean, Go-Set, 12 February 1972


I, along with some friends attended the Sydney Showground concert. The Bee Gees had definitely come back into great form in the early 70's with hits like "Lonely Days", "How Can You Mend a Broken Heart" and "My World". With an orchestra backing their hits sounded full and faultless. I remember they had a great sense of fun on stage too, especially Maurice. Barry obviously took his music very seriously (and professionally) which meant the audience was treated to some fine renditions of their hits. Robin's voice was, and is, amazing! As with the concert that was recorded at Festival Hall in Melbourne (in 1971) they finished off with "Spicks and Speaks" which tipped the audience over the top screaming for more! There are no doubt my friends and I had seen not just a great pop group, but a great live concert group.
- Alan Harvey


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