Latitude South Batavia (aka The Wreck Of The Batavia)

Reg Grundy Productions
Colour Film 16mm, Sound, 00:30:33


Director: Bruce Beresford

Producer: Edwin S. Morrisby

Cinematographer: Gale Tattersall

Cast: Michael Craig

'Documentary following the voyage of the Dutch ship "Batavia" from Holland to Java, which went off course and ran aground on the Wallaby Islands off W.A. in the 17th century. Included is a dramatic recreation which shows the captain, Jerome Cornelius, building a new Anabaptist society from the survivors, with himself as the tyrannical leader, his rule and his trial and execution after their rescue by the Dutch. Contemporary parallels are drawn to Charles Manson. Also covered is the recovery of artefacts from the island and the seabed and evidence supporting the historical documentation of these events.'

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