Documentary / Sydney Filmmakers Co-operative

Colour Film, 16mm, 01:02:30

Photography: Tom Cowan
Director, Producer: Phillip Noyce

A multiple screen, colour recreation of the incredible eight-day Aquarius Arts Festival held in Canberra, 1971. A radical new departure in documentary filmmaking; two screens bursting with pulsating images overpowering the mind as 10,000 young people and performers do their own thing amidst the antiseptic environment that is our capital city. The horrifying pop-magician, Jeff Crozier, performs his coffin act. Ian Channel, Australia's only wizard, preaches a doctrine of fun as a form of protest on one screen as fifty beautiful bodies drench thenselves in paint on the adjoining screen in perfect illustration of his message. It's all there....and much more. Australia's counter-culture at work and play. An important social document. (Filmmakers Co-operatives Catalogue of Independent Film 1975/6.) [Screensound]

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