Feature film, period thriller / Terryrod Productions

Colour film, 35mm

Director: Terry Bourke

An aging husband and wife, who run an inn, revenge the death of their son on anyone who happens to come by. An American investigator sticks his oar in and brings their nefarious doings to an end. Very gothic, consciously using violence as a box-ofice attraction.

"Bourke's first film was Night of Fear (1973), a short feature originally made as a pilot for the aborted TV series Fright ... Bourke's next, longer film also grew from a Fright script. Inn of the Damned (1975) is a pseudo-historical psycho-thriller, full of Grand Guignol violence and dark Gothic melodrama. It is set in 1896 and obviously aimed at the US exploitation market."

[From Killer Koalas: Australian (and New Zealand) Horror Films - A History
by Robert Hood]


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