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Production house: ABC - Pacific-Screen Gems
Production date:
: action-adventure
Duration: 26 x 30min eps
Format: film, in colour

Premiere: 20 March 1967

Producer: Roger Mirams
Director: Bill Strutton
Music: Eric Gross
Camera: Dennis Frewin

Walter Brown (Captain Dan Wells)
Gary Gray (Mike)
Rodney Pearlman (Noah)
Susan Haworth (Sue)
Leoni Lesinawai (Willyum)


Originally screened at 5:30 pm, Seaspray was part of the ABC's revamped 1967 early evening lineup, alongside the family show Something Else and the American satire F-Troop.

This action-packed adventure series was filmed in exotic locations in Australia, New Guinea, New Caledonia and New Zealand. The story centred on widowed journalist Dan Wells, who is sailing the Pacific with on his 25-metre schooner Seaspray, with his three children Mike, Noah and Sue, assisted by their Fijian crewman, played by Lesinawai, who in real life was a police inpsector in his native Fiji.

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