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  • Australia's estimated population = 12, 663, 469

    Visual Art
  • Eric Smith's portrait of architect Neville Gruzman wins the Archibald Prize

    Performing Arts
  • The Elizabethan Theatre Trust becomes The Australian Opera
  • The Nimrod Theatre opens in Sydney
  • Sydney's Palace Theatre is demolished to make way for the Hilton Hotel
  • the Australian Performing Group begins performing at Melbourne's Pram Factory
  • Michael Boddy & Bob Ellis' play The Legend of King O'Malley premieres

    Film & Television
  • Barry Crocker wins the Gold Logie
  • the "Michael" episode of Three To Go wins the AFI Best Film Award. The three-part feature is directed by Peter Weir ["Michael"], Brian Hannant ["Judy"] and Oliver Howes ["Toula"], with music by Graheme Bond
  • Adam's Woman (Philip Leacock)
  • Bedroom Mazurka (John Hilbard)
  • Beyond Reason (Giorgio Mangiamele)
  • Bluey (Graeme Arthur)
  • Dead Easy (Nigel Buesst)
  • Harry Hooton (Corinne & Arthur Cantrill)
  • Jack And Jill: A Postscript (Phillip Adams)
  • The Naked Bunyip (John B. Murray)
  • Ned Kelly (Tony Richardson)
  • Noon Sunday (Terry Bourke)
  • Nothing Like Experience (Peter Carmody)
  • Odyssey: A Journey (John Alaimo)
  • ... Or Forever Hold Your Peace (Kit Guyatt) a Vietnam Moratorium documentary and the first film funded by the Experimental Film & Television Fund
  • Part One: 806 and Part Two: The Beginning (Chris Lofven)
  • The Set (Frank Brittain)
  • Squeeze A Flower (Mark Daniels)

  • Dal Stivens' A Horse Of Air wins the Miles Franklin Award
  • Germaine Greer's The Female Eunuch
  • Patrick White's The Vivisector
  • Penguin Books defy censorship laws and publish Philip Roth's banned book Portnoy's Complaint

  • Cardinal Norman Gilroy is named Australian Of The Year
  • a record 185, 325 migrants arrives in Australia
  • 18-year-olds get the vote in WA
  • the anti-abortion "Right to Life" movement is formed in Qld
  • The first Boeing 747 enters service.

Cardinal Norman Gilroy - Australian of the Year 1970

His Eminence Cardinal Sir Norman Gilroy KBE (1896-1977), the first Australian-born cardinal of the Catholic Church. Gilroy became Bishop of Port Augusta in 1934, Archbishop of Sydney in 1940, Australia's first cardinal in 1945, and, in 1969, the first cardinal to be knighted since the Reformation.

Portrait (1948) by Edward Smith (1883-?) oil on canvas 83.7 x 66.2., St Patrick's College, Manly. Image courtesy National Library of Australia.




3rd  Suspicious Minds   
Elvis Presley   

10th  Suspicious Minds   
Elvis Presley   

17th  Raindrops Keep Fallin' On My Head   
 Johnny Farnham   

24th  Raindrops Keep Fallin' On My Head   
Johnny Farnham  

31st  Raindrops Keep Fallin' On My Head   
Johnny Farnham

Rolf Harris' Two Little Boys is the #1 single in the UK.  

Major overseas releases:
Badfinger - Come And Get It
Syd Barrett - The Madcap Laughs
Deep Purple - Concerto for Group & Orchestra
Aretha Franklin - This Girl's In Love With You
The Jackson Five - I Want You Back

1 40 year-old former Rhodes scholar and union official Robert James Lee (Bob) Hawke, succeeds Albert Monk as President of the ACTU.

3 The Beatles gather at Abbey Rd for what proves to be the very last song they record together, George Harrison's doleful I, Me, Mine, which is written about the group's infighting.

- Davy Jones announces that he is leaving The Monkees.

5 The Victorian government sets up a board of inquiry headed by Mr William Kaye, QC, to investigate an alleged abortion racket involving Melbourne police [->22/1/70]

16  Max Yasgur, owner of the farmland on which the Woodstock Festivalwas held, is sued for $25,000 in property damages by neighbouring farmers.

16 Police raid an exhibition of lithographs by John Lennon at a gallery in Bond Street, London

18-19 Cyclone Ada devastates the Daydream and Hayman Island resorts in the Whitsunday Passage, killing 13 people.


The first Boeing 747-100 'Jumbo Jet' enters commercial service with Pan American World Airways on a New York-to-London flight.

22 The Victorian Kaye inquiry hears evidence that huge bribes have been paid to Melbourne police to protect an illegal abortion racket. It is alleged that the current and former heads of the Homicide Squad, Inspector Jack Ford and Superintendent Jack Matthews, had both been paid bribes of about $600 per month for eight years as part of the racket.

26 Mick Jagger is fined £200 for possession of cannabis.

27-29 11,000 people attend Australia's first rock festival, the Pilgrimage For Pop, at Ourimbah on the NSW Central Coast. The festival is organised by The Nutwood Rug Band, hosted by Adrian Rawlins, and features Chain, The Aztecs, Tully and Leo De Castro & Friends. 45 arrests are made over the three days.




7th  Raindrops Keep Fallin' On My Head   
Johnny Farnham  

14th  Raindrops Keep Fallin' On My Head    
Johnny Farnham   

21st  Raindrops Keep Fallin' On My Head   
Johnny Farnham  

28th  Raindrops Keep Fallin' On My Head   
 Johnny Farnham 

The La De Das return from their ill-fated stint in England, minus bassist Trevor Wilson, who has opted to stay in the UK. He is briefly replaced by New Zealander Reno Tahei (ex-Compulsion) who is later deported to NZ after a drug bust.

The Supreme Court issues an order forbidding a production of the play Oh! Calcutta in Melbourne.  

Controversial American academic and LSD advocate Timothy Leary is convicted and jailed for possession of marijuana. 

Major overseas releases:
The Band - Rag Mama Rag
The Doors - Morrison Hotel
Jethro Tull - Benefit
John Lennon - Instant Karma
The Move - Shazzam
Simon & Garfunkel - Bridge Over Troubled Water
Rod Stewart - The Rod Stewart Album

3 The Andy Warhol film FLESH is seized by police in London

10 Shares in nickel mining company Poseidon reach a record level of $280

14 The final Sydney Proms concert features the premiere of Peter Sculthorpe's Love 200, with words by Tony Morphett, performed by the Sydney Symphony Orchestra conducted by John Hopkins, augmented by Tully and Jeannie Lewis, with special effects by Ellis D. Fogg.

23 The Indian Pacific train begins its inaugural transcontinental journey.

25 American artist Mark Rothko dies.

27 Taronga Zoo founder Sir Edward Hallstrom dies, aged 83

28 Left-wing journalist Wilfred Burchett is allowed temporary entry back into Australia after a 15-year government ban, that stemmed from his support of the Communist Party. Burchett describes allegations that he brainwashed Australian POWs during the Korean War as "silly and untrue".




7th  Venus   
Shocking Blue  

14th Venus   
Shocking Blue   

21st Whole Lotta Love   
Led Zeppelin   

28th Whole Lotta Love   
Led Zeppelin

Former James Taylor Move and Chain vocalist and Go-Set columnist Wendy Saddington joins Jeff St John's Copperwine.

The Launching Place Festival is staged just outside of Melbourne. The lineup includes Chain, Spectrum, Doug Parkinson In Focus, Wendy Saddington & Copperwine, Tully, Nutwood Rug, Carson County, Bulldog, Friends, Genesis, Cam-Pact and Billy Thorpe & the Aztecs.

Company Caine is formed in Melbourne.

Fears of environmental disaster flare after the oil tanker Oceanic Grandeur is holed en route through the Torres Strait.

Major overseas releases:
The Beatles - Let It Be
Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young - Deja Vu
The Faces - First Step
Jimi Hendrix - Band Of Gypsys
Van Morrison - Moondance
The Move - Brontosaurus

1 Nine Australian troops are killed and 29 injured in heavy fighting in the Long Hai mountains, near Nui Dat in Vietnam.

- The Indian Pacific transcontinental train successfully completes its first journey across Australia, covering 3961 kilometres in 65 hours.

4 Armed bandits commit the largest payroll robbery in Australian history, stealing $587,000 from a Mayne Nickless security van at a Sydney shopping centre.

6 Marine scientists warn that the Great Barrier Reef is being severely damaged by a massive explosion in the population of the coral-eating Crown Of Thorns starfish.

23 The shortlived "nickel boom" begins to fail, with prices of mining company Poseidon falling to $145, little more than half of its peak price of $280 the previous month.

29 British troops seal off the Bogside area of Londonderry in Northern Ireland after violent clashes with Catholics.

30 Queen Elizabeth, Prince Phillip and Princess Anne visit Australia for the Captain Cook bicentennial


Good Morning Little School Girl / Rock Me Baby 
The Aztecs 

Baby Blue Eyes / Then I Run  
Doug Parkinson In Focus




4th Let It Be   
The Beatles   

11th  Let It Be  
The Beatles   

18th Let It Be  
The Beatles  

25th  Let It Be  
The Beatles

Sixteen-year-old Boston singer Marcia Hines arrives in Sydney to join the cast of the Australian production of HAIR in Sydney. Marcia was invited to join the production after winning an American audition for the show, but since she is still a minor in the US, producer Harry M. Miller has to be appointed as her guardian to enable her to travel. By the time she arrives in Sydney, she is already four months pregnant with her daughter Deni, who is born in September.

Axiom leave for England.  

Blackfeather is formed in Sydney by three former members of the Dave Miller Set.  

A private citizen, Denis Altmann, successfully challenges a ministerial decision to ban a book - the American novel Totem Pole by Sandford Friedman, which tells of a man's gradual acceptance of his homosexuality. It is the first such legal challenge to succeed in Australia.

Huw Evans takes over as the host of ABC Radio's "PM"

The Australian Council For The Arts advertises for applications for funding from the newly established Experimental Film and Telelvision Fund

Major Overseas Releases:
Eric Burdon & War - Spill The Wine, Eric Burdon Declares War
Jimi Hendrix - Stepping Stone
Elton John - Elton John
Paul McCartney - McCartney
Joni Mitchell - Ladies Of The Canyon
Randy Newman - 12 Songs

1 The Adelaide edition of the ABC's "This Day Tonight" screens a classic April Fool's Day joke. The bogus report features a fictional Japanese invention called the "Dylofish", which supposedly enables users to catch any kind of fish by simply attaching the device to the rod and dialing up the desired fish species. After the show goes to air, hundreds of viewers call the ABC trying to find out where they can buy it. Other memorable TDT pranks over the years include a report that the Sydney Opera House is sinking into the harbour, and their famous report on the proposal to replace the 24-hour clock with digital time system, which fooled thousands of viewers.

- John Lennon goes on trial in London on charges of obscenity, following the January police raid on his lithograph exhibition

10 Paul McCartney announces the break-up of The Beatles

18 VFL Park opens in Mulgrave, Melbourne

21 Eccentric Western Australian wheat farmer Leonard G. Casley declares independence from Australia, renaming his property the Hutt River Province and later styling himself Prince Leonard of Hutt.

27 A London jury decides in favour of the defendant in John Lennon's lithograph obscenity trial

29 10,000 people gather at Kurnell in Sydney and two million more watch on TV as Australia commemorates the bicentennial of the landing of Captain James Cook at Botany Bay. Queen Elizabeth, Prince Philip and Princess Anne attend a re-enactment of the landing, while Aboriginal protesters mark it as a day of mourning, dropping wreaths into the water.

30 US troops attack alleged Viet Cong bases in Cambodia

A Little Ray of Sunshine/Fords Bridge   

Hey Pinky / Strange Things, Just Zoot (LP)




2nd  Let It Be   
The Beatles   

9th  Let It Be   
The Beatles   

16th   Spirit In The Sky 
Norman Greenbaum 

23rd  Spirit In The Sky 
Norman Greenbaum   

30th  Spirit In The Sky   
Norman Greenbaum

Tens of thousands of Australians participate in rallies and related activities as part of the Vietnam Moratorium protests during the week of 4-10 May

A simmering dispute between commercial radio stations and record companies breaks into open hostility, resulting in the infamous Radio Ban. The dispute began when recording companies claimed that radio stations should pay royalties on all records played on air. Radio stations maintained, not unreasonably, that they provided free promotion for record company products and artists. When negotiations broke down, the Federation of Australian Radio Broadcasters (FARB) boycotted all recordsproduced by the major Australian and British companies, although stations are still able to play records from American companies that were not part of the dispute. The dispute is a godsend for smaller local independent labels like Robie Porter's Sparmac and Ron Tudor's Fable, who are able to take advantage of this, and as a result, groups like Daddy Cool got breaks they might not otherwise have had. Some groups on the major labels, like Spectrum release records which make the charts even though they officially get no airplay but other bands, such as The Dave Miller Set, eventually go under because of the boycott.

OZ #28 -- the infamous "Schoolkids OZ" is published in London. The issue sparks a police raid in June and the subsequent arrest of the editors, culminating in the legendary OZ obscenity trial, which begins in October.

Major Overseas Releases:
The Beach Boys - Live In London
The Beatles - Let It Be, The Long And Winding Road
Can - Monster Movie
The Grateful Dead - Workingman's Dead
King Crimson - In The Wake Of Poseidon
The Jackson Five - ABC
The Temptations - Ball Of Confusion
Various Artsists - Woodstack

3 Queen Elizabeth opens the International Terminal at Sydney Airport.

4 In the US, four students are killed when the National Guard opens fire on an anti-war demonstration at Kent State University in Ohio

5 As part of the Vietnam Moratorium protests, students and teachers in Sydney suspend "business as usual" and converge on Australia Square for and Act of Conscience to end the war", to express their individual opposition to the Vietnam war

- The Australian Drug Evaluation Committee warns Australian women not to use brands of the contraceptive pill which contain high oestrogen levels, following controversy overseas about possible health risks.

- The ABC becomes the focus of a major political controversy when the Chairman, Sir Robert Madgwick receives a letter from Postmaster-General Alan Hulme, instructing him that the 1970/71 ABC budget will be cut by $500,000, and that $250,000 of this should be taken from current affairs. ABC management immediately realises that this is an attempt to censor programs like Four Cormers and This Day Tonight, which have been a thorn in the side of the federal government. Hulme's letter sparks mass protests by staff.

- in the US there is a major public outcry when the bombing of Cambodia is revealed

8 Over 200,000 people across Australia participate in massive Vietnam Moratorium demonstrations, protesting against Australia's involvement in the Vietnam war.  The largest rally is in Melbourne, where Labor frontbencher Dr Jim Cairns leads 70,000 people in a march and sit-down in the city centre.

13 The world premiere of The Beatles' last film, Let It Be, takes place in London. The film was originally conceived by Paul McCartney to record of the group at work on their projected 'back-to-basics' album, tentatively called Get Back. It includes the footage of their famous final impromptu concert on the roof of the Apple offices. Under director Michael Lindsay-Hogg (who also made the famous 28-Up series) the film becomes a poignant warts-and-all document of the bickering, in-fighting and tension of the dying days of the legendary group.

14 World-famous Australian painter Sir William Dobell dies, aged 70

21 The Yellow House opens in Potts Point, Sydney. The innovative 'multimedia' space includes an exhibition of artwork by Martin Sharp, a sound system by UBU's Aggy Read, films by Read and Philip Noyce, and tapdancing by "Little Nell" aka Laura Campbell (daughter of Sunday Telegraph columnist Ross Campbell and future star of The Rocky Horror Show). 

22 The ABC Board holds a crisis meeting with Postmaster-General Alan Hulme over the controversial ABC budget cuts targetting ABC current affairs.

27 On the same day as mass protests by ABC staff, Postmaster-General Alan Hulme backs down on attempts to cut the ABC budget. In the event, it is actually increased by $5 million.

30 Labor wins the SA election, and Don Dunstan again becomes Premier.

On The Highway / Resting Place

Satan / Satan's Woman




6th  Spirit In The Sky   
Norman Greenbaum   

13th  Spirit In The Sky   
Norman Greenbaum   

20th  Everything Is Beautiful   
Ray Stevens   

27th  Everything Is Beautiful   
Ray Stevens 

Chain record their live LP Chain Live, at Caesar's Palace disco in Sydney.

Major Overseas Releases:
Joe Cocker - The Letter
Cream - Live Cream
Deep Purple - In Rock
Bob Dylan - Self Portrait
Free - All Right Now, Fire & Water
Jimi Hendrix - Band Of Gypsies
Traffic - John Barleycorn Must Die

3 Anti-apartheid demonstrators are involved in violent clashes with police during a rugby union match between Victoria and the South African Springbok team in Melbourne.

8 London police raid the offices of OZ magazine and seize copies of Oz No. 28 (the infamous Schoolkids Issue). Charges are later brought against the editors, alleging that OZ is an obscene publication. The case becomes one of the longest and most controversial in British legal history.

11 Tony Richardson's film Ned Kelly, starring Mick Jagger, premieres in Hollywood.

18 Reverend D.A. Trathen is dismissed as headmaster of Sydney's exclusive private school Newington College after he calls on Australian youth to resist the National Service Act

24 Ned Kelly premieres in London




4th  Cottonfields   
The Beach Boys   

11th  Up Round The Bend   
Creedence Clearwater Revival   

18th  Up Round The Bend   
Creedence Clearwater Revival   

25th  Up Round The Bend   
Creedence Clearwater Revival 

The Flying Circus win the Hoadley's Battle of the Sounds

Major Overseas Releases:
James Brown - "Sex Machine"
The Doors - Absolutely Live
Blood, Sweat & Tears - Blood, Sweat & Tears 3
Fairport Convention - Full House
Humble Pie - Humble Pie
The Jackson Five - The Love You Save
Yes - Time And A Word
Neil Young - After The Gold Rush

1 Melbourne's Tullamarine Airport opens.

2 The horrifying multiple murders of the Crawford family are uncovered in Victoria. Except for a strange twist of fate, the full story of the case might never have been known. The initial discovery was made by a tourist visiting scenic Loch Ard Gorge, an inlet on Victoria's rugged southwestern coast, and a region notorious for some of the worst shipwrecks in Australia's maritime history. Looking over the cliff, the tourist spotted a wrecked car balancing precariously on the lip of a small ledge, below the cliff top. Expecting the car to topple into the sea below at any moment, the tourist raised the alarm. Late in the day, a search-and-rescue officer scaled the sheer cliff to examine the car in fading light. He found a loaded rifle inside, and noticed a strange smell emanating from the wreck, but at this point the search has to be called off for the night.

Meanwhile, police traced the car's registration to a house hundreds of kilometres away in Cardinal Rd, Glenroy, the home of the Crawford family. When they broke into the empty house they discovered a blood-spattered crime scene. When the car was retrieved and fully examined the following day, police discovered the grisly remains of four people in the boot, all victims of a shocklingly brutal murder. Theresa Crawford, 35, who was pregnant with her fourth child and her three children Katherine, 13, James, 8 and Karen, 6, had all been savagely bashed with a hammer, shot and electrocuted. After the killings, the bodies were loaded into the car and driven over the cliff. Had the car not lodged on the rock ledge, it would have undoubtedly plunged into the deep water at the base of the cliffs, and the bodies would probably never have been found. The discoveries triggered one of the biggest manhunts the state had ever seen. The prime suspect was, and remains, husband and father Elmer Kyle Crawford (b.1929) but the time police uncovered the full extent of the crime, Crawford had fled. He is believed to have left the country and has never been seen again. If still alive, he would now be in his early 70s. The unsolved case remains one of the most enduring murder mysteries in Australian criminal history.

4 Australia again dominates Wimbledon. Margaret Court wins the women's singles title and John Newcombe the men's title.

9 PM John Gorton arrives in Rabaul and is jeered and booed by a crowd of 10,000 Tolai tribesmen, demanding an end to Australian colonial rule of the territory.

16The one millionth passenger is carried on the Boeing 747 worldwide fleet.

21 The federal government announces a scheme to give Northern Territory Aborigines exclusive leasehold land rights to 93,000 square miles of the Territory, about one-fifth of the territory's total area.

22 Author George Johnston dies, aged 58.

26 Yachtsman Hans Tholstrup completes his circumnavigation of Australia in a 5.2m runabout.

28 The Australian premiere of Ned Kelly is held in the Victorian country town of Glenrowan.

31 Sydney's historic Her Majesty's Theatre is destroyed by fire.

Prepared In Peace
Flying Circus




1st  Up Round The Bend   
Creedence Clearwater Revival   

8th  Up Round The Bend   
Creedence Clearwater Revival   

15th Up Round The Bend   
Creedence Clearwater Revival   

22nd  El Condor Pasa   
Simon & Garfunkel   

29th  In The Summertime   
Mungo Jerry

Major Overseas Releases:
The Band - Stage Fright
Black Sabbath - Paranoid
Eric Clapton - Eric Clapton
Stevie Wonder - Signed, Sealed, Delivered
The Beach Boys - Sunflower

3 Work on the Melbourne's West Gate Bridge is suspended for steel re-stregthening. Just over two months later a span of the bridge collapses, killing 35 workers. (-->15/10/70)

8 A TF Much Ballroom event is held at Cathedral Hall, Brunswick St Fitzroy, featuring Spectrum, Sons Of The Vegetal Mother, Captain Matchbox Whoopee Band, Gerry Humphries and the New Joy Boys, Lipp Arthur, Adderley Smith, Margaret Roadknight, Tribe Theatre, Jeff Crozier's Indian Medicine Magik Show, Flash Light Show.

17 The Australian Film Development Commission is established.

26 Jimi Hendrix plays his last major public concert at the Isle of Wight Pop Festival

27 Interior Minister Peter Nixon says the federal government will not recognise land rights claims by Aboriginals from Wave Hill in the Northern Territory.




5th  In The Summertime   
The Mixtures   

12th  In The Summertime 
The Mixtures   

19th  In The Summertime 
The Mixtures   

26th  In The Summertime   
The Mixtures 

South Sydney wins the Rugby League Grand Final

Carlton wins the VFL Grand Final

Major Overseas Releases:
Black Sabbath - Paranoid
The Byrds - (Untitled)
James Brown - Sex Machine, Super Bad
Joe Cocker - Mad Dogs & Englishmen
Derek & The Dominos - Tell The Truth
The Hollies - Gasoline Alley Bred
The Moody Blues - A Question Of Balance
The Move - When Alice Comes Back To The Farm
The Rolling Stones - Get Yer Ya-Ya's Out
Simon & Garfunkel - El Condor Pasa
The Velvet Underground - Loaded

1 Queensland Mines announces the discovery of major uranium deposit at Naabarlek in the Northern Territory.

- The Australia government bans a proposed visit by comedian and anti-war activist Dick Gregory

- Martin Plaza (formerly Martin Place) is officially opened as Sydney's first pedestrian plaza.

4 HAIR cast member Marcia Hines gives birth to daughter Deni.

12 LSD guru Timothy Leary escapes from a US prison.

14 The federal executive of the ALP disbands the Victorian branch after the it is found guilty of breaching party rules over state aid to non-government schools, and because of its domination by the Trade Union Defence Committee.

15 An inspector, a superintendent and two other former officers are charged following an inquiry into Victorian police involvement in an illegal abortion racket.

18 Further Vietnam Moratorium rallies are held in capital cities; 200 people are arrested in Sydney, 100 in Adelaide.

- fans and musicians around the world are stunned by the news that musician Jimi Hendrix has died in London, aged only 27. An autopsy later reveals that he died as a result of choking on his own vomit, following an accidental barbiturate overdose. Rumours persist for years afterwards that emergency services failed to respond in time, but most reputable sources say that this is untrue.

19 South Sydney defeats Manly-Warringah in the Rugby League Grand Final.

Through The Eyes Of Love / Trouble On The Turnpike 
Bobby & Laurie 

Purple Curtains / Pour Out All You've Got  
Doug Parkinson In Focus




3rd In The Summertime   
The Mixtures   

10th In The Summertime   
The Mixtures  

17th Close To You  
The Carpenters   

24th Close To You   
The Carpenters   

31st  Close To You   
The Carpenters

La De Das bassist Trevor Wilson returns to Australia and rejoins the band. The six-piece lineup only lasts another two months.

Major overseas releases:
The Band - Stage Fright
Eric Clapton - After Midnight
Bob Dylan - New Morning
Genesis - Trespass
The Grateful Dead - American Beauty
Jimi Henrix Experience - Voodoo Chile
Elton John - Tumbleweed Connection
Led Zeppelin - Led Zeppelin III
John Lennon - Imagine
Santana - Abraxas

1 In London, the preliminary hearing is held in the obscenity case over the OZ "Schoolkids Issue". Editors Richard Neville, Jim Anderson and Felix Dennis satirise the event by attending the first hearing dressed as schoolgirls. The case, defended by prominent lawyers John Mortimer and Geoffrey Robertson, becomes a cause celebre in the British underground, garnering support from the likes of John Lennon, Yoko Ono, Edward De Bono and Marty Feldman. After a marathon trial during late 1971 the three are found guilty of publishing an obscene magazine and sentenced to heavy gaol terms. The convictions are subsequently quashed on appeal when it is found that the the trial judge Justice Argyle had misdirected the jury.

4 Only weeks after the death of Jimi Hendrix, the music scene is again rocked by another tragedy -- the death of singer Janis Joplin, who is found dead in her hotel room after an overdose of heroin. At the time of her death Joplin was in Los Angeles recording a new album with producer Paul Rothchild and the Full Tilt Boogie Band. Ironically, her posthumously released album Pearl, released early the next year, becomes her most successful to date, and the single Me and Bobby McGee her biggest hit, including a No.1 placing on the Australian charts in May 1971.

5 Led Zeppelin release their groundbreaking Led Zeppelin III album.

11 The Sunday Review (later The Review) begins publication in Melbourne.

15 A 384-foot span of Melbourne's West Gate Bridge collapses during construction and falls 155 feet, killing 35 construction workers. Most of those killed were working on top of or within the span, with the remainder killed in site huts which are crushed beneath the 2000-ton structure.

- Victorian unions impose a black ban on redevelopment in the historic Melbourne suburb of Carlton.

31 A Jimi Hendrix Memorial is held at the TF Much Ballroom, Melbourne with Spectrum, Chain, Sons Of The Vegetal Mother and King Harvest. The gig also marks the official debut of Daddy Cool. 

The Flying Circus

Won't You Try? / Down and Out  




7th  Lookin' Out My Back Door 
Creedence Clearwater Revival   

14th  Lookin' Out My Back Door   
Creedence Clearwater Revival   

21st  Lookin' Out My Back Door 
Creedence Clearwater Revival   

28th  Lookin' Out My Back Door   
Creedence Clearwater Revival

Major overseas releases:
Syd Barrett - Barrett
The Bee Gees - Lonely Days
George Harrison - All Things Must Pass
The Kinks - Lola Versus Powerman and the Moneygoround Vol. 1
Stephen Stills - Stephen Stills

3 Baghdad Note wins the Melbourne Cup

5 La Balsa, a balsa wood raft with a crew of five, arrives in Mooloolaba Qld, after an historic trans-Pacific voyage from Ecuador. The journey demonstrates the possiblity of prehistoric contact between pre-Columbian South American cultures and those of Australasia and the Pacific.

12 Australia's withdrawal of troops from Vietnam begins with the return of the 8th Battalion.

- The US court martial of Lt William Calley begins. Calley is charged with ordering the infamous My Lai massacre in 1968.

17 The West Gate Bridge royal commission is told that engineers attempted "first aid" repairs to a section of the bridge under construction two hours before it collapsed killing 35 workers.

20 A staggering 150,000 people are drowned when a massive tidal wave devastates coastal areas of East Pakistan.

25 Victoria becomes the first state to make the wearing of car safety belts compulsory, with the new law to come into force from Jan. 1 next year.

- Celebrated Japanese author Yukio Mishima calls for a return to militarism, then commits hara-kiri at the Tokyo Defence Ministry

30 Pope Paul VI arrives for a tour of Australia.





5th  Song Of Joy 
Miguel Rios   
12th   Song Of Joy   
Miguel Rios   

19th  Song Of Joy   
Miguel Rios    

26th  Song Of Joy   
Miguel Rios

Famed Sydney underground film co-op Ubu ends its operations. The Ubu company is officially wound up in 1972

NSW yacht Pacha wins the Sydney To Hobart race

Major overseas releases:
Derek and the Dominoes - Layla And Other Assorted Love Songs
King Crimson - Lizard
John Lennon - John Lennon/Plastic Ono Band
The Move - Looking On

8 In New York, Jann Wenner, editor of Rolling Stone magazine conducts his historic interview with John Lennon. Lennon speaks frankly about his his life and his career with The Beatles. The interview, probably the most famous and influential "star" interview of the 20th century, is published in two parts in Rolling Stone, and is later published in book form in 1973. Asked what effect the Beatles had on the history of Britain Lennon replies:

"I don't know about the history. The people who are in control and in power and the class system and the whole bullshit bourgeois scene is exactly the same except that there is a lot of middle-class kids with long hair walking around London in trendy clothes and Kenneth Tynan's making a fortune out of the word "fuck". But apart from that, nothing happened except that we all dressed up. The same bastards are in control, the same people are runnin' everything, it's exactly the same. They hyped the kids and the generation.

We've grown up a little, all of us, and there has been a change and we are a bit freer and all that, but it's the same game, nothing's really changed. They're doing exactly the same things, selling arms to South Africa, killing blacks on the street, people are living in fucking poverty with rats crawling over them, it's the same. It just makes you puke. And I woke up to that, too. The dream is over. It's just the same only I'm thirty and a lot of people have got long hair, that's all.

Nothing happening except that we grew up; we did our thing just like they were telling us. Most of the so-called 'Now Generation' are getting jobs and all of that. We're a minority, you know, people like us always were, but maybe we are a slightly larger minority because of something or other."

31 The new four-piece lineup of The La De Das plays its first gig in Byron Bay. New bassist Peter Roberts (ex-Freshwater) has recently joined, after months of internal tensions which almost broke up the band and resulted in the departure in founding bassist Trevor Wilson.

- On the last day of the Sixties, the breakup of The Beatles becomes final when bassist Paul McCartney files suit in London against the rest of the band, seeking the dissolution of The Beatles & Co.

Eleanor Rigby / Turn Your Head
Chart information copyright (c) Oz Net Music Chart 1997