Perth 1965-66

John Collins (vocals/drums)
Brian Gannon (bass)
Murray Gracie (guitar, vocals)
Wyn Milson (guitar)
Bon Scott (vocals/drums)


The Spektors were one of dozens of aspiring beat groups in Perth in the mid-60s. They would probably be as obscure most others, was it not for the fact that they were the first professional band to feature the late Bon Scott. Bon was in fact co-drummer and vocalist — he shared the role with John Collins and they alternated half a set each drumming and singing. 

The Spektors split in mid-'66, and Bon and Wyn Milson joined up with members of another Perth band The Winztons to form The Valentines (1966-70) after which Bon joined Fraternity (1970-73) and finally AC/DC, with whom he performed until his untimely death in 1980.


The Spektors made no commercial recordings, but four tracks that they taped in October '65 for a performance on Perth TV pop show Club 17 have survived. The songs were all covers - Gershwin's "It Ain't Necessarily So", Them's "Gloria", Chuck Berry's "On My Mind" and The Beatles' "Yesterday" were released on CD in 1992 by English reissue label See For Miles on the CD Bon Scott: The Early Years 1967-72, together with tracks by Fraternity.

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Thanks to Murray Gracie for additional information.