Perth, 1970-72(?)

Peter Cumuski (guitar, trumpet)
Roy Daniels (bass) 
Bredan Darby (trumpet)
Bob Fortesque (guitar, bass)
Brenton Fosdyke (guitar)
Al Kash (drums)
Dave Little (drums)
Roy Little (bass)
John Meyer (guitar)
Phil Pruiti (guitar)
Keith Robinson (trumpet)
Greg Schultz (organ)
Roley Toll (?)
Rick Whittle (drms)
John Worrall (vocals, flute)
Paul Blackbee (piano, guitar)


Little is known about this group at present, although it appears that they were a fairly prominent local band in their hometown of Perth. According to Vernon Joyson, they were "a horn band ... who played lots of Chicago and Blood, Sweat & Tears material". The group boasted some notable players in its lineups. Fortesque and Kash are probably the best known -- they were the rhythm section in the 'classic' lineup of Blackfeather that recorded At The Mountains of Madness in 1971). John Worrall had been the original lead vocalist of renowned Perth progressive band Bakery.

Neither Ian McFarlane nor Vernon Joyson record how long Ssarb was together, but it seems likely that the group broke up sometime during 1972, after which Worrall and Daniels founded a new band, Fatty Lumpkin, with ex Healing Force guitarist Lindsay Wells. Most of the listed members of Ssarb subsequently turned up in the various lineups of Fatty Lumpkin, which continued until 1976. Ssarb made only one single, which was released on EMI's Columbia imprint during 1970. As far as is known, it has never been commercially reissued in any format.



"Bubulunga" / "Reach Out"  (Columbia DO 8979) 

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