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We have little information about this company at present. The Brisbane-based Drouyn company made a range of drums, which are evidently still highly prized by local drummers. Drouyn is still in business today; their factory is located at Stone's Corner, Brisbane.

The Drouyn family evidently also ran a well-known music shop in Brisbane, which is known to have been in business since at least the late 1940s. Australian country singer Cora Ruhle is known to have purchased a guitar from Drouyn's in 1947.

As a drum maker, the Drouyn name is best known for its association with The Easybeats whose drummer Snowy Fleet played a Drouyn kit and who reportedly still owns the Drouyn snare that he played on Friday On My Mind. According to their website, Greg Gilbert, drummer with late 70s/early 80s Brisbane punk band The Pits worked at the Drouyn factory at that time and made his own kit.


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