Category: Australian independent label

Date: ca. 1966

Location: Sydney NSW?

Ownership: unknown


In his liner notes for the compilation CD It's A Kave-In, Ben Whitten records that the Enterprise label was set up Sydney indepedent producer Ossie Byrne. It appears that this was prior to the establishment of Byrne's Downunder label, which released a string of singles during 1967, possibly around the time that he set up his St Clair studio in Hurstville.

The only known Enterprise release was a 1966 single by The Marksmen, who originally hailed form Wollongong. Whitten rates the A-side "But Why" as one of his favourite Aussie pop recordings of the period, comparing it to The Black Diamonds' "I Want Need Love You". Probably only a handful of copies were sold and it is now one of the rarest of all Australian 60s pop singles.

Both sides of this rare single were anthologised on the CD compailtion It's A Kave-In (Kustom65 Records, 1998).



Cat. # Date Artist Title
ERS-7-002 1966 The Marksmen "But Why"

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