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Australian Tours 1971, 1973, 1974

Lineup for all three tours:
- Tony Iommi (guitars)
- Ozzy Osbourne (vocals)
- Geezer Butler (bass)
- Bill Ward (drums)


1971 Paranoid Tour


29 January 1971 - Wellington, New Zealand - (venue unknown)
30 January 1971 - Sydney, NSW - press reception
1 February 1973 - Myponga, South Australia - Myponga Festival

Wellington - unknown

Myponga Festival bill:
Daddy Cool
Fanny Adams
Healing Force
King Harvest
Margret Roadknight
Billy Thorpe & The Aztecs

*See the Black Sabbath Live Project website for more information on this tour

1973 'Volume IV' Tour


5 January 1973 - Wellington, New Zealand - venue unknown (first concert of the "Volume IV" tour)
Support: Ticket

7 January 1973 - New Zealand, Great Ngaruawahia Music Festival*
Festival bill:
Corben Simpson (NZ) opening act
Fairport Convention (UK)
Ticket (NZ)
Blerta (NZ),
Dragon (NZ)
La De Das
Mammal (NZ)
Max Merritt & The Meteors,
Split Enz (NZ) and others

13 January 1973 - Melbourne, Kooyong Stadium
Support: Ticket

16 January 1973 - Sydney, Hordern Pavilion*
Support: Buffalo

17 January 1973 - Sydney, Hordern Pavilion
Support: Buffalo

18 January 1973 - Brisbane - Festival Hall
Support: Ticket

19 January 1973 - Adelaide - Apollo Stadium
Support: Ticket

*Concert recording known to exist

*See the Black Sabbath Live Project website for more information on this tour

1974 'Sabbath Bloody Sabbath' Tour


5 November 1974 - Sydney - Hordern Pavilion
7 November 1974 - Brisbane - Festival Hall*
9 November 1974 - Sydney - Horden Pavillion*
10 November 1974 - Sydney - Horden Pavillion*
11 November 1974 - Sydney - Horden Pavillion
12 November 1974 - Melbourne - Festival Hall*
14 November 1974 - Adelaide - Memorial Drive (final date of the tour)

*Note: concert recording known to exist

Sydney - AC/DC

*See the Black Sabbath Live Project website for more information on this tour


Alongside Deep Purple and Free, Black Sabbath were one of the top groups in the new wave of heavy rock that flourished in the late 60s and early '70s, and which had a strong effect on Australasian bands.

The group made three tours of Australasia in the early 70s:

  • their first visit was a three date tour including a memorable performance at the Myponga Festival in South Australia in January 1971, a concert in Sydney, and a concert in Wellington, NZ

  • their second seven-date tour in 1973 was for five dates in Australia and two in New Zealand, including a performance at the Great Ngaruawahia Festival, which is also notable as the first major appearance by legendary Kiwi group Dragon

  • the third tour in late 1974 was a four-city, seven-date, east cost tour, and was one of two major supporting gigs that year for AC/DC, the other being Lou Reed.

Adrian Rawlins, from Festivals in Australia: An Intimate History
"I was ... sole compere at Myponga. This festival was held on a far from perfect site -- a flat treeless farm not far from a lovely beach, but quite a way from Adelaide. The event was organised by gentlemen who were not without capital. They had arranged for Cat Stevens and Black Sabbath to headline. Through no fault of theirs, Cat Stevens failed to honour his agreement, but Black Sabbath arrived, and delivered a performance of insane, unbridled energy, such as they never did again -- neither in 1973, '74 or '80. But while Black Sabbath was the Big Name at Myponga, Daddy Cool were the Big Hit. Ross Wilson's on stage persona, the band's zaniness and raunch, their pure golden rock, their elan and panache, captivated everyone and established them as the nation's number one band. Spectrum's seriousness and creativity were more completely appreciated in Adelaide than they had been in Melbourne -- though before long the band notched up a sizeable following throughout the country.

The Adelaide media supported the concept of Myponga far more vigorously than the Sydney press or TV had supported either Ourimbah or Wallacia. But the numbers of participants who actually arrived were still not over 15,000 -- not enough to put the backers into a profit situation. Had another 5,000 people turned up the fetival would have been an all-round success."

Vince Lovegrove
"I can well remember their first-ever Australian performance at Adelaide's historic and legendary, Myponga Festival. If you have never heard of the Myponga Festival it is probably because it has been all but forgotten by most of Australia's east coast rock historians who seem to think that Oz rock exists only in Sydney and Melbourne in their time only. But Myponga Festival was one of the great Australian rock Festivals and close to the hearts of all that attended - including the aforementioned Ozzy Osbourne and many of Australia's mainstream acts. But it did not include most of today's rock historians who either snubbed the event or maybe were not even born."

Lovegrove's Ear on London 21/5/02

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Adrian Rawlins
Festivals in Australia: An Intimate History
D.T.E Publishers, Spring Hill, Vic, 1986

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