THREE TO GO (1970)

Three-part docu-drama / Australian Commonwealth Film Unit / 35mm colour film / 3 x 30 min

Producer: Gilbert J. Brealey


Director: Brian Hannant

Cast/Actor: Brian Anderson / Gary Day / Serge Lazareff / Judy Morris / Penny Ramsey

Judy shows the problems of a teenage girl living in a large provincial city spending her last weeks at home before leaving for the city.


Director: Peter Weir

Music: The Cleves

Grahame Bond
Betty Lucas
Judy McBurney

The problems facing a young man raised in a conventional environment who recognises his need to radicalise his ideas. This part of won an AFI Award: Grand Prix (general); silver medallion (Kodak award - black & white photography) 1970.


Director: Oliver Howes

Music: Grahame Bond

Theo Coulouris
Ketty Coulouris
Joe Hasham
Rina Ioannou
Yaya Lavdeas

Toula is the daughter of a Greek family in Sydney. She wants to be young, modern, Australian but she loves her parents and they demand a different way of life. This episode was one of the first major roles for Hasham, who became a national star in 1972 in NUMBER 96.

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