Sydney, 1966

Helen Barnes (bass)
Sid Barnes (drums)
David Lee (guitar)
Doug Parkinson (vocals, guitar)


This Sydney teenaged band began its short life as Strings & Things; the members were all friends who grew up together around Collaroy, on Sydney's northern beaches. After changing their name to The A-Sound, they recorded one quaint single for Festival in 1966. They would probably be little remembered today were it not for their soon-to-be-famous vocalist, Doug Parkinson. The drummer and bassist in the group were brother and sister Sid Barnes Jr and Helen Barnes, who were the children of renowned test cricketer Sid Barnes, a member of Bradman's "Invincibles" team.

Doug of course went on to front two 'Battle of The Sounds'-winning bands, The Questions and Doug Parkinson In Focus, followed by the ill-fated supergroup Fanny Adams. In the '70s he established himself as successful solo singer both on the concert stage and in the theatre, and late in the decade he fronted the acclaimed Southern Star Band, which was the first major band for guitar wiz Tommy Emmanuel. Doug has appeared in many musicals and stage shows, recorded innumerable advertisements and jingles (including the original Double Jay station ID).

In 2001 Doug made his first Australian duo tour with fellow soul legend Max Merritt and both singers were part of the 'Long Way to the Top' mega-tour.



"Talk About That " / "Tomorrow I Meet You" (Festival FK-1340)

"Tomorrow I Meet You" has been anthologised on the Festival 3CD compilation So You Want To Be A Rock 'n' Roll Star.


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