Category: Australian independent label

Location: Melbourne, NSW

Date: 1964-1968

Distributor: Astor


Go!! Records is without doubt one of the most siginificant, interesting and collectible Australian labels of the 1960s, and as Brett Leslie pointed out in his Freedom Train article on the label, it was also one of only a handful that could claim to be truly "independent". It was a quintessential '60s label, as evidenced by its archetypal 'Mod' name and logo, and it featured music by some of the best of the new generation of Australian pop performers of the mid-1960s.

The label was established in 1964 by DYT Productions, who were also the producers of the top-rating 0-10 network pop show The Go!! Show, which premiered in mid-1964. The show was an immediate ratings winner and its initial run was extended to a full year after only seven weeks on air. It quickly became the most popular (and arguably the best) pop show of the period, and during its three-year run it featured many of the

DYT was headed by veteran musician Horrie Dargie (a renowned harmonica player), Arthur Young and Johnny Tillbrook. In 1964, they formed the Go!! label to promote the 'house' artists who appeared on the show, and new discoveries. Its records were maunfactured and distributed by Astor Records

In its brief three-year existence, Go!! released 54 singles, seven EPs and six LPs, although three of these were compilations of Go!! artists and one was a "Best Of" by MPD Ltd. Go!! was not limited to selecting bands only from Sydney or Melbourne, and their catalogue included bands such as Tony & The Shantels (from Shepparton in Victoria), The Chosen Few (originally from Nuriootpa in South Australia, and The Clique (from Perth). 

Go!! also played a role in the inaugural Hoadley's National Battle of the Sounds in 1966. All nine grand finalists were to be offered a contract with Go!! Records, (although as it transpired two bands were already signed to EMI) but this arrangement only occurred in 1966. 

In August 1967 Channel 0 Melbourne abruptly cancelled both The Go!! Show and its rival Kommotion and the loss of its major promotional outlet quickly led to teh demise of the Go!! label.



G-5001 1 Aug. 1964 Bobby & Laurie "I Belong With You"
"Trouble In Mind"
G-5002 1965 The Henchmen "Rockin' Robin"
"Baby What's Wrong"
G-5003 June 1965 Bobby & Laurie "Someone"
"You Are Gone"
G-5004 1965 Terry Dean "It's You"
"Stagger Lee"
G-5005 1965 The Rondells "Talkin' Bout You"
"Baby Don't Hide"
G-5006 1965 The Henchmen "Can't You Hear Me Callin'"
"Easy Money"
G-5007 1965 Billy Adams "Slow Down Sandy"
G-5008 1965 Bobby Cookson "Funny Man"
"That Lucky Old Sun"
G-5009 1965 The Cherokees "I've Been Trying"
"Only If You Care"
G-5010 1965 M.P.D. Limited "Little Boy Sad"
"Wendy, Don't Go"
G-5011 Sep. 1965 Bobby & Laurie "Judy Green" (Alan Brite)
"Mojo Queen" (Ike Turner)
G-5012 1965 The Rondells "She'll Never Know"
"I'll Be Gone"
G-5013 1965 Betty McQuade "Midnight Bus"
"Tongue Tied"
G-5014 1965 M.P.D. Limited "Lonely Boy"
"The Wild Side Of Life"
G-5015 1965 Yvonne Barrett "Little People"
"You're The One"
G-5016 1965 The Cherokees "That's If You Want Me To"
"Stop This Misery"
G-5017 1965 Billy Adams "I Think I'm Gonna Kill Myself"
"Shirley Lee"
G-5018 Dec. 1965 Bobby & Laurie "Crazy County Hop"
"It Ain't Fair"
G-5019 1965 Tony & The Shantells "On My Mind"
G-5020 1966 MPD Ltd "Walkin' In The Sand"
"If You Were Mine"
G-5021 1966 Peter Briggs and The Vikings "Here I Go"
"Skinny Minnie"
G-5022 1966 The Cherokees "The Angels Listened In"
"Shame On You Baby"
G-5023 1966 Terry Dean "The Answer To Everything"
"Get It"
G-5024 1966 Betty Mc Quade "Blue Train"
"Summer Love"
G-5025 1966 Billy Adams "Lookin' For Love"
"All Time Loser"
G-5026 1966 Field Twins "Someone Cares For Me"
G-5027 1966 M.P.D. Limited "No Regrets"
"I Won't Be Back"
G-5028 1966 The Cherokees "A Woman With Soul"
"I'll Give You Love"
G-5029 1966 Joy Lemmon "From The Shadows To The Sun"
"Every Day I Have To Cry"
G-5030 1966 Peter Briggs & The Vikings "Bring It On Home"
"Some Other Guy"
G-5031 1966 M.P.D. Limited "Absence Makes The Heart Grow Fonder"
"I Am What I Am"
G-5032 1966 Yvonne Barrett "Send Her Away"
"Won't Someone Say"
G-5033 1966 The Deakins "Tonight You're Gonna Fall In Love With Me"
"I'll Make You"
G-5034 1966
The Cherokees
"The thought of you" (M. Botsman)
"Little lover" (Nash-Clarke)
G-5035 1966 Billy Adams "Dancing In Your Eyes"
"Come Dance With Me"
G-5036 1966 18th Century Quartet "Rachael" (Poulsen)
"Distant Relative"
G-5037 1966 Laurie Angelo "Prettiest Girl In Town"
"Find Someone Else"
G-5038 1966 The Rhythm Rockets "Near Me"
"On Whom Her Favour Falls"
G-5039 1966 Joy Lemmon "Whenever A Teenager Cries"
"Be My Baby"
G-5040 1966 Yvonne Barrett "Don't Bother Callin' "
"I'm Takin' Him Back"
G-5041 1966 The Deakins "Take Me For A Little While"
"Look And Learn"
G-5042 1966 Billy Adams "Change Your Mind"
"I'll Fall For You"
G-5043 1966 18th Century
"Am I A Lover
"Drawing Room
G-5044 1966 The Chosen Few "Is This A Dream?
"Let Me Down Easy
G-5045 1967 The Cherokees "Oh Monah" (Weems)
"Ain't Gonna Cry No More" (Mann)
G-5046 1967 The Other Ends "Without You"
"Come On, Baby"
G-5047 1967 The Clique "Love Me, Girl"
"Stop, Look And Listen"
G-5048 1967 Young Once "I Only Want To Be With You"
"For No One"
G-5049 1967 MPD Ltd "Paper Doll"
"You Might As Well Forget Him"
G-5050 1967 The Rhythm Rockets "Just Wait And See"
"Summer Has Gone"
G-5051 1967 The Cherokees "Minnie The Moocher"
"I've Gone Wild"
G-5052 1967 The Strangers "Western Union"
"Cool Jerk"
G-5053 1967 Young Once "Magic Guitar"
"Before I Go"
G-5054 1967 Bobby James Syndicate "Hey Hey Hey"
"Short Sam"


GEP-1001 1965 Bobby & Laurie I Belong With You
GEP-1002 1965? The Henchmen Rockin' Robin
GEP-1003 1965? The Rondells The Rondells
GEP-1004 1966? M.P.D. Ltd Little Boy Sad
GEP-1005 1966 The Cherokees The Cherokees
GEP-1006 1965 Betty McQuade Betty McQuade Sings
GEP-1007 1967? M.P.D. Ltd M.P.D. Ltd


GOLP-3001 1965 Bobby & Laurie Bobby & Laurie
GLP-3002 1965 various Go!! Hitmakers
GLP-3003 1965 various Go!! Hitmakers Vol. 2
GLP-3004 1965 The Cherokees Oh Monah
GLP-3005 1966 various Go!! Hitmakers Vol. 3
GLP-3006 1966 MPD Ltd The Best of MPD Ltd

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