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The Adventurers

DATE: 1968
0-10 Network
PRODUCTION: Pacific Film Productions / Supreme Sound Studios
GENRE: children's adventure series
DURATION: pilot episode, 25 min
FORMAT: b&w film

CREATOR/Producer: Roger Mirams
DIRECTOR: Eddie Davis
(partial) Ted Taylor, Karl Keiser, Alex Ezard

Gavin Hamilton
Chuck Kehoe
Rod Mullinar
Allen Bickford
Eddie Hepple


This was evidently a pilot episode for a planned series, produced by Supreme Sound Studios in late 1967 and directed by Eddie Davis, who had directed most of the episodes of Mirams' previous series, The Adventures of The Seaspray. Proposed as a series of 39 half-hour episodes, The Adventurers pilot co-starred Rod Mullinar and Allen Bickford as two brothers who charter a boat to carry out marine biology research. Other lead roles were played by Chuck Kehoe as the owner of the boat, Gavin Hamilton as his 16 year-old son, and Eddie Hepple as an old sailor. The series was to be set on the Australian coast and filmed mainly around Sydney, although location filming as far away as New Guinea and the Pacific islands was planned.

TV Times reported on 7 February 1968 that the series was "almost certain" to be picked up by the Ten Network, but this apparently didn't  transpire, so Mirams reworked the concept into his subsequent and very successful series The Rovers, which also featured Hepple, as well as the idea of  a pet koala on board the ship.


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